"DESSAU ICE" Neon Flourescent Light Fixture Disn High Gloss Polished

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aluminium (high gloss polished), glass, chrome


110 cm / 43.3" (pendulum 78 cm / 30.7")


123 cm / 48.4"


5.30 kg

Light Bulb Socket

T 8 international size fluorescent tube 120 cm 40 watt


50 - 60 years


VEB Metallwaren-Werk Mühlhausen

Absolutely rare industrial fluorescent light fixtures made of glass and highgloss-polished aluminium.

Explosion protected lighting produced for industrial areas of danger in the early 50's. Originally used in the former East German Republic. Unique design, perfectly suited for modern loft offices.

Fluorescent tube matches international standards (120 cm length, 15 - 40 Watt). All wires are upgraded.

Note: There are two variants of suspensions available (see picture), a variant for fixed mounting and one for hanging. Please leave a notice when purchasing or contact us in advance which option you prefer.

  • Refurbished, tested.
  • Original. No replica.
  • New wiring, ready for use.

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